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4X7 Rosin Press Plate Kit

Our 4x7 rosin press plate kit is compatible with most shop presses up to 20Ton. The top plate has an opening of 2" 3/16" inches so you can pair it with a shop press that has a two-inch ram. This unit has four heating rods, powered by a dual PID Temperature Controller that allows you to adjust the temperature from 0 to 1300, Fahrenheit. (We don't suggest going over 275F to ensure the longevity of your heating elements.) Our rosin press plates are machined 6061 aluminum, with a thickness of 1" 3/16" You'll find getting setup is quick when you follow our installation guide below.

  • Rosin Plate and PID Installation
  1. Connect rods with the rosin press plates.
  2. Plug the heating rod into the PID Control Box.
  3. Connect the Power Cord to the PID Control Box.
  4. Using the supplied hardware connect the rosin press plates to the punch press.
  • Temperature Setup
  1. Plug in the unit's power and heating rods.
  2. Turn on the power at the rear of the PID.
  3. Use the up and down arrows to adjust the temperature. (No need to press the "Set" button.)
  4. Power the heating rods by pressing the silver power buttons on the front of the PID unit.
  5. Wait approximately 15 minutes and the temperature will settle to the temperature you desire. (The temperature will rise past where you want it for about 10 minutes before it starts to fall back to the desired area. Rosin press plates are pretty thick so the extra heat in the beginning helps the entire plate warm up faster.)