Recently, Rosin Press Plates has been targeted by our payment processors stating our

business is in violation of their Services Agreement. This is due to the content and certain keywords on our site. (e.g. Rosin, Vape, Extraction) To remove some of those words would mean we'd need to change our web and email addresses, as well as all of our social media account information. Doing so would leave our previous customers without any access to customer service should they have a problem. This is not something we're cool with.

To rectify this we've decided to just stop all sells from Rosin Press Plates. From here forward, will be available as a blog that documents a DIY Rosin Press being assembled using aluminum plates from The blog will be updated at least once a month, with unlisted YouTube videos and/or written content where we'll be documenting the use of a DIY rosin press assembled using aluminum plates from The purpose of the blog will be to document what we're doing in hopes to improve our results over time. In no way, will it be, or should it be considered a "How to?" type of blog. This blog should be thought of more so as a diary.


Any previous customers of Rosin Press Plates will be happy to hear we'll continue to honor all warranties from products bought through the site until March 15, 2020. We apologize for any inconvenience and we'll be working on adding new content to the site quickly.

If you do visit to make an order make sure you use the code

DIME at checkout to save $10 on orders over $100. Try the code TWENTY at

checkout if you're looking at the 4x7 kit or bundle.

4X7 Rosin Press Plate Bundle

4X7 Rosin Press Plate Bundle

This bundle includes one 4X7 Rosin press plate kit, one 3X5 Rosin pre-press mold and 50 Rosin filter bags.

Rosin Press Plate Kit comes with the following.

  • 1 dual PID Temp Controller
  • 1 set of 4X7 Rosin Press Plates. (Fits ram up to 2 inches.)
  • 4 Heating rods.
  • 1 6-foot Power cord.
  • 1 6mm hex wrench with 4 sets of screws.
  • Installation Guide

Rosin Pre-Press Mold

  • Machined 6061 aluminum.
  • Exterior dimensions: 3X5
  • Inside dimensions: 2 1/2 X 4 3/8

Rosin Press Filters

  • 50 Pack
  • Food Grade Nylon Mesh
  • 90 Micron.
  • Size: 3X5
For a limited time add an extra 50 pack of 25Micron Filters for only $25 more. (Size:3x5)
4X7 Bundle


  • Available
  • Ships within 1-14 days1