How to collect rosin after pressing.

Rosin Press Tools

Collecting rosin can be a tedious task depending on the consistency of the rosin and the ambient temperature which one is working with. We've found some rosin will just lift off the parchment paper at room temperature, while others will need to be chilled or warmed to collect easily. Below are tools and methods we've found to work well with what we've experienced.

  • Controlling the temperature of the oil.

Once we've pressed the rosin we place the parchment paper in a cool spot as quickly as possible. We find granite floor tiles great for this. We just place the parchment between two tiles to bring the oil's temperature down, safely. Some people like to place the parchment in the freezer or on a surface that was in the freezer. We don't do this due to condensation that can be introduced when the rosin is exposed to warmer temperatures. In some cases, the rosin will come out a very sappy consistency and may require colder temperatures than the tiles offer to collect. For oils like that, we place the tiles in the freezer for 20-30 minutes. We make sure to cover the tile with a paper towel before collecting the rosin to help with any condensation that may occur. Granite tiles also work great for rosins that are a glass/shatter consistency. We find by simply warming the tile with a hair dryer gives us a warm enough surface to collect the oil without much shattering. Learning how to manipulate the temperature of our rosin has made the collection process a lot easier.

  • Collection process

 We like to use a test tube spatula for collecting small amounts of rosin. Most oils will stick to themselves better than they do the parchment. We start by collecting just a small amount of rosin on the tip of our spatula, once we've done that we simply wipe, stamp or roll the tip of the spatula over the rosin to collect it. As the oil builds up on the tip we're able to collect more at a time.


When collecting larger amounts we like to start with the spatula technique until we have a quarter-sized patty that we can place on a small silicone mat. Once we have that we just use the silicone mat to stamp up the remaining rosin. With this method, it's possible to collect a lot of rosin, very fast. Depending on the consistency of our oil we may be able to use the fold method to collect large amounts quickly. This is done by folding the parchment paper so that the rosin sticks to itself. After just a few folds the rosin will be ready for use or storage.