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The DIY Rosin Press

DIY Rosin Press with a 3x5 Caged Rosin Plate Kit

The DIY rosin press setup you choose will depend on your extraction needs. Below you'll find our general recommendations setups for our rosin press plate kits. Please understand these are just recommendations. Our rosin press plates are compatible with most shop presses up to 20Ton, so you have a little freedom when choosing a DIY setup.


Our Rosin Press Plate Kit comes with the following.

  • One dual PID Temp Controller
  • One set of Rosin Press Plates. (Fits ram up to 2 inches.)
  • 2 or 4 Heating rods depending on rosin plate size.
  • One 6-foot Power cord.
  • 6mm hex wrench with four sets of screws.
  • Installation Guide


1-5 Grams of dried plant material

For personal amounts or to test the rosin extraction method, it's possible to use the hair straightener and bar clamp to achieve great results. If you've never extracted rosin, we recommend trying this method first to get an idea of the process. Some people choose to stick with this method because they find it enough to meet their extraction needs. (This method is not recommended for long term use as the hair straightener will tend to crack from the pressure needed for rosin extraction.)


5-10 Grams of dried plant material

For small amounts around 5-10 grams a press, you may find a 2Ton Arbor Press equipped with our 3x5 rosin press plate kit enough to meet your needs. With this DIY Rosin Press, you'll want to have a rosin pre-press on hand to help with compacting your starting material. A rosin pre-press will help you maximize pressure by reducing the surface area you're pressing. We've found the 2.5x2.5 Rosin pre-press works best with this setup. Though small, you shouldn't underestimate the Arbor rosin press. When paired with the 2.5x2.5 rosin pre-press, which creates a 4 square inch surface area this press can exert up to 1000psi over that material.


10-15 Grams of dried plant material

When you need to press moderate amounts, around 10-15 grams most customers choose a 10Ton benchtop press fitted with our 3x5 rosin press plate kit. This 10Ton DIY rosin press seems to be a favorite of those looking towards a larger press but doesn't have the room a larger setup may require. Depending on the brand, you'll find some 10Ton benchtop presses come with a pressure gauge. The pressure gauge can be super helpful when working with different materials. When paired with the 2x4 rosin pre-press mold, which creates around a 6 square inch surface area, the 10Ton benchtop DIY rosin press can produce up to 2500psi over that material.


15-30 Grams of dried plant material

When pressing large amounts between 15-30 grams per press, you may find you'll need more pressure. For amounts like this, a 20Ton Shop Press equipped with our 4x7 rosin press plate kit will be enough to meet your needs. When paired with the 3x5 rosin pre-press, which creates a surface area a little over 10 square inches this press can exert up to 4000psi over that material. There's some debate on wither a 20Ton DIY Rosin Press is overkill. No matter what press you choose you'll be in control of the pressure. Just because its capable of 20ton doesn't mean you need to max it out. If you're still concerned, it's possible to use the 4x7 rosin press plates on a 10 or 12Ton shop press and achieve great results.

Below you'll find photos from customers who decided to build their own rosin press with our rosin press plate kits. Each rosin press has the total cost of the build, this cost is including shipping. If you've been looking for a rosin press, don't overlook a homemade rosin press. The value is unbeatable when compared to most, ready to use rosin presses.