Filling Rosin Press Filters

Filling Rosin Press Filters
  • The Slip Tube Method

When trying to fill our rosin press filters found it to be a tedious task. Especially when trying to fill multiple rosin filters in preparation for a large run. Here at Rosin Press Plates, we've come up with a game changer when it comes to loading our rosin filters with dried herbs. We call it The Slip Tube Method or The Slip Method. This idea was sparked by those kids toys commonly called a water snake or slip tube. You'll need a rosin pre-press mold and properly sized rosin filters to properly utilize the Slip Method. We start by pre-pressing our dried herbs into a compact puck. We've found the more dried herbs we use the more rigid our puck will be which is helpful with the next step. With the seams inside the rosin filter, we place the shortest side of our puck against the shortest stitched side of our filter. We use the puck to push the short seamed side of the filter inside itself. Once we have a 1/4 inch or so of the puck inside the filter we just continue to slip the filter up the puck. Essentially, turning the filter inside out. With the filter turned inside out, we noticed less rosin being trapped in the seams. Note: This method may not work with all suppliers rosin pre-presses and filters. To utilize the Slip method using equipment from, we've found the sizes below work best.

2.5 x 2.5- Pre-Press Mold

2"3/8 x 3- Rosin Filters

2 x 4- Rosin Pre-Press Mold

2 x 4.5- Rosin Filters

3 x 5- Rosin Pre-Press Mold

3 x 5- Rosin Filters

  • Hand filled

When hand filling rosin filters we like to turn the filters inside out. This, and making sure the material fills the corners of the filters properly will minimize the oil that can/will be caught in the filter. Once the filter is filled we make sure we have enough room left in the filter to fold it closed. We saw some people using a heat sealer to seal the filter closed, we haven't tried yet but it seems like a great idea. It's important we don't overfill the rosin filters, if we overfill the filters we'll experience blowouts. The idea of the rosin filter is to filter out plant material, not to allow us to press more at a time. If we're looking to press larger amounts at a time we rely on a rosin pre-press mold. A rosin pre-press mold will allow higher amounts to be press comfortably.


  • Filtering Extracts

Filling rosin filters with extracts will follow the same rules. We make sure the material is even and all the way to the corners. Making sure there's enough room left in the filter to fold it closed. Once the filter is filled and folded closed, we're ready to go. With a rosin pre-press mold we use it to help make the material more even before we press. We do this by sliding the flap we closed face down into the pre-press cavity, then we put the pre-press ram in place and lightly compress the material. A warmer pre-press will help the extract puck-up a little easier, allowing for a more even press when it becomes time. Top three reason for rosin filter blowouts. In our experience.

  • Overfilling the filters.
  • Overly moist material.
  • Ramping up the pressure to quickly.