What should we do with the leftover material after we've already pressed the rosin?

Rosin Press Waste

About a week after we set up our rosin press we noticed that we ended up with a lot of spent material. Wondering what to do with the leftovers, we went to the Google for an answer. Be very cautious with what information you follow. Some of the methods we found involved using grain alcohol to extract anything the rosin press left behind. We don't like using anything flammable for extracting leftover oils. There's too many ways one can be injured or killed using flammable extraction methods so we leave that to those who have the proper facilities to handle it. What we do is use the leftover rosin press patties to make infused products. We do this by adding the material to butter or oil. Butter/oil works by dissolving the remaining oils in the plant material. Once infused this butter or oil will be used as one would typically use in recipes.

We're a big fan of making coconut capsules with rosin press pucks. In this method, the rosin press pucks are added to coconut oil and are cooked together on very low heat for about two hours. During the cooking process, we stir/turn the material every 15-20 minutes. Once we've cooked the material, we strain it through a cheesecloth. Sometimes we'll get real fancy and clean up any partials left in the oil by running it through a 25 micron, rosin press filter. Once the oil is cleaned we set up the capsule filler. We make sure to use capsules that don't dissolve in oil. We use a plunger syringe to fill our capsules with the infused coconut oil. After we've filled all the capsules we pop the tops on and they're ready to go. We think capsules is the way to go when planning on making infused products. They seem to steer people away from overindulging since they tend to be looked at as a pill or supplement versus candy or sweets.


No matter what methods used we always start small. Infused products can be too intense and very unpleasant for some people. For this reason, we start small and only have more after three or more hours have passed. We definitely don't want to over do it because we'll regret it for the next four to six hours. After a few experiences, we become more familiar with the effects of our coconut capsules and the proper dose to get the desired results. Remember though, each batch of oil made can/will have different effects so we test every batch by starting small and working our way up. We don't make the mistake of using a dose of a previous batch with a new batch. The effects can be drastically different due to the many variables in the process. Including but not limited to material quality, quaintly, cook time and capsule/dose size.