2.5X2.5 Rosin Pre Press Mold

Recently, Rosin Press Plates received a notice from our payment processors stating our

Business violates its Services Agreement. We believe this is due to the content and certain keywords on our site. (e.g., Rosin, Vape, Extraction) To remove some of those words would

mean we'd need to change our web and email addresses, as well as all of our social media account information. Doing so would leave our previous customers without any access to customer service should they have a problem. Since customer service is the lifeblood of our company, we had to think outside the box.


To rectify this, we've decided to stop all sells from Rosin Press Plates. From here forward, rosinpressplates.com will be available as a blog that documents a DIY Rosin Press being assembled using aluminum plates from www.rppmerch.com. Previous customers of

Rosin Press Plates will be happy to hear we'll continue to honor all warranties from products bought through the site until March 15, 2020. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we'll be working on adding new content to the site quickly.

2.5X2.5 Rosin Pre Press Mold

2.5X2.5 Inch Rosin Pre Press Mold made with machined 6061 aluminum. No matter what you're pressing you should be using Rosin Pre Press Mold. Not only can you yield more but you'll end up with a cleaner end product due to fewer filter blowouts. (Exterior dimensions: 2.5X2.5   Inside dimensions: 2X2) 

2.5X2.5 Rosin Pre Press Mold


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